Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT or Tapping as it is more commonly known, is a complementary therapy treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. Similar to acupuncture, EFT focuses on the meridian points to restore balance to your body’s energy system. The aim of EFT is to promote healing around the emotional or physical issues that hold us back.

What happens during your therapy session?

During your therapy session, your practitioner will help you to tune in to your issue or presenting challenge with the purpose of finding resolution and clarity. You will be asked to tap with your fingertips on a series of meridian points on the body whilst speaking your thoughts and emotions as they arise.

The benefits of EFT

One of the greatest benefits of EFT is that you don’t need to re-live or talk about painful memories if you don’t wish to. An EFT practitioner will use gentle techniques so as not to re- traumatise clients and healing can be achieved without going into great detail about the problem. It is also very simple to use for adults as well as children.


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