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Lorraine Barker

Lorraine specialises in anxiety, stress, phobias, weight loss and stopping smoking. Lorraine uses a combination of Past Life Regression, TFT Tapping and Parts Therapy in her treatments. Lorraine recommends Past Life Regression as it is a powerful tool, which can get to the root of present problems, where we can start the process of healing. The problem can be something that has happened in this life-time or from a past life. You do not have to believe in past life regression, you just need to be open to this powerful technique. Lorraine uses her skills to tap into the memories from your sub-conscious mind. Lorraine offers workshops for Past Life Regression; these workshops through regression, return you to previous positive experiences.

Lorraine is also qualified in Hypnobirthing and is an accredited practitioner with Hypno Pregnancy. She is also qualified to give Hypnotherapy to children.


Hypnobirthing involves using Hypnotherapy to aid childbirth and morning sickness. My bespoke package involves teaching you self-hypnosis, breathing, pain management and relaxation techniques to help you have a safe, calm, relaxing experience. Hypnotherapy can also help couples who are experiencing difficulties with fertility as this is linked to mental distress. I am an accredited practitioner with HypnoPregnancy.

Hypnotherapy for Children

Before becoming a Hypnotherapist I worked with children for a number of years. I really love that I can now combine both my qualifications to help children overcome exam stress, anxiety, phobias, anger etc. by using a rangeof different strategies and techniques.

The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure is a powerful energy tool you use on yourself to keep you in balance in all aspects of your life. Use as part of our daily life it can increase our confidence, increase energy output and maximise potential.

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